How to use Securaze Work Verifier macOS

Securaze Work Verifier macOS is the newest addition to Securaze array of tools and products carefuly designed to assist you with your data erasure, R2V3 compliance, and asset management.
Here are the steps on how to use it on Mac machines (Intel and Apple Silicon).


  1. To use the Securaze Work Verifier macOS, you will require the bootable drive you created to use Securaze Work for. The steps for creating the bootable drive can be found here.

  2. Plug in the Work macOS bootable drive into a Mac, and boot from it. Once it is up and running, quit the Work application (it starts automatically upon boot on Mac Intel machines), and then open Safari.



  3. Go to the Securaze Dashboard, login with your user credentials, then navigate to the section Downloads, then Work Verifier. Click on macOS application button to start the download of the latest Work Verifier macOS application.


  4. Once the download is complete, open Finder, go to Downloads, and unzip (double click on it) the downloaded Work Verifier folder.

  5. In Finder, navigate to Applications, then Utilities folder, and open Terminal.

  6. In Terminal, type in the following commands:

    sudo -s


    cd Downloads/SecurazeWorkV


  7. The Work Verifier macOS will now start, and allow you to perform verification of erasure.

It is a requirement that Work Verifier (macOS) is always started via Terminal with full disk access, as described in the steps above. Otherwise, the erasure verification will immediatelly fail with status “ERROR”.