Apple macOS device screen size is missing

Why is the information about screen size for some Apple macOS models not available?

You are using Securaze software to process Apple devices, but for some of them you do not have screen size information displayed, as you do for others?

Unfortunatelly, for some devices (7 models since Apple started producing macOS based devices), Apple failed to have their Model Identification unique. This would mean that Securaze software is therefore not able to acquire and present the information to users.

Affected are devices which were built between 2006 and 2009, as follows:

MacBook Pro 4,1

iMac 10,1

iMac 9,1

iMac 8,1

iMac 7,1

iMac 5,1

iMac 4,1


Securaze continuously updates model information database, with the help of publicly available information and customer feedback. If there is anything we could improve, let us know!