Securaze Remote without administrator permissions

As a means of added security, Securaze Remote needs administrator rights to install and execute an erasure of a device. But not everyone is able to or wants to give these rights to their users, so we’d like to discuss an alternative path for executing Securaze Remote.

An organization can enable temporary permissions to 3rd party solutions allowing the installation and execution of Securaze Remote. The 3rd party tool used in this article is "Admin By Request", which is one of many tools allowing such option. The responsibility for using the 3rd party tool is with the IT department of your organization. 

Why do companies want to use this feature? 
Use cases for leveraging remote without administrator rights for enterprises include tech refreshes or redeployments of IT resources, or when the targeted computer is not in a convenient location but still needs to be erased (for security reasons) before it is sent back to the IT department at headquarters. 

To begin with, it is necessary to install the tool locally on the device to be erased, such as the aforementioned "Admin By Request", which will then allow users to request temporary administrator rights to install and run Securaze remotely. Following, users can use the wizard to intuitively install Securaze Remote on their device.

Securaze Remote is located on the Securaze Dashboard via the Download section. For downloading the 3rd party tool, please visit the homepage of the chosen tool.  (In our case, this can be found at " ".

After completing the download of both programs on target devices your user will open "Admin By Request" to initiate the process. 
After launching the 3rd party solution, a popup will appear where your users can then request temporary administrator rights to install and run Securaze Remote on their device.

Once your IT department agrees to this request, users can perform the remote erasure having been given the necessary temporary permissions. Following, users complete the install of Securaze Remote, open the program and login.

The program will walk users through the simple process of erasing their devices. Once complete, the temporary administrator rights are then removed, restoring proper permission access levels. 
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