Quick access to Terminal on Apple T2 machines

Here are the steps to access Terminal on Apple T2 chip machines without booting in Recovery mode:

If you are processing Apple T2 chip machines using a preloaded SSD with Securaze Work for OS Catalina or Mojave, and you wish to save time and avoid booting the asset into Internet Recovery, but still gain access to Terminal, we have a neat workaround in store.

After you have preloaded an SSD with an OS (e.g. Catalina), hold down “option”-key. From here, you will wait roughly 1-2 minutes while the system attempts to preform the action, but will direct you to a pop up with “Security Settings do not allow this Mac to use an External Start up Disk” message.

At that point, select “Start Up Disk”, as this is one of the options, and then use the key combination “Command +Q” which will direct you to the Start up Disk, to access Terminal.