Securaze Work 5.xx

Work 5.2.1 (Release Date: in preparation)


  • Fallback Mechanism: Extended the fallback mechanism to support a wider range of devices, enhancing compatibility and reliability.

  • CPU Clock Storage: Now stores MHz values for CPU clock on both Apple and PC devices.

  • UI Enhancements: Made several improvements to the user interface, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Known Issues

  • None

Work 5.1.19 (Release Date: 09. 04. 24)


  • Fallback Mechanism: Implementation of a fallback procedure that resorts to standard commands for erasure when modern SCSI commands are not supported by the storage device. This update is crucial for preventing immediate erasure failures and ensuring a seamless erasure process

  • BlockSize Detection: Enhanced the BlockSize detection algorithm, optimizing the erasure speed and efficiency across various storage devices.

  • Parallel Erasure Limitation: A new functionality has been introduced to control the number of storage devices being erased concurrently. The system defaults to a maximum of 10 parallel erasures to maintain stability and time efficiency. Operators can adjust this setting on the fly through Work Settings (F9). It’s important to note that lowering the parallel erasure limit during an ongoing process will not pause current erasures but will limit the number of new erasures initiated.

UI Improvements:

  • Asset-Tag Notifications: The frequency of Asset-Tag removal notifications has been significantly reduced to avoid unnecessary alerts and streamline the user experience.

Known Issues

  • None

Work 5.1.15 (Release Date: 24. 03. 24)

The latest update for Securaze Work, version 5.1.4, introduces enhancements aimed at streamlining the user experience and ensuring robust diagnostics and operations across various platforms.


  • Automatic Label Printing: Implemented automatic label printing based on presets, which can be configured in Settings > Presets > Work, for enhanced workflow efficiency.

  • Diagnose Enhancements:

    • Integrated a new feature to attempt enabling WiFi on the machine before starting WiFi Diagnostics, minimizing manual intervention and potential diagnostic errors.

  • NVME disks:

    • Improved model name detection for NVME disks

  • SKU Building:

    • Added new fields for SKU Processor, ProcessorVendor, CPU (identical to Processor), CPUVendor (identical to ProcessorVendor), GPU, GPUVendor

  • Virtual Machines:

    • Skipping disabled CPUs to avoid flooding of CPUs infos.

  • macOS Specific Improvements:

    • Introduced a check to ensure the app was started with admin rights, safeguarding against unauthorized usage and potential issues.

    • Prior to an MDM update, any MDM configuration files are now automatically removed to prevent conflicts. (Note: The device needs to be booted in Recovery mode to remove the MDM files!)

    • Show a warning if MDM configuration files are found.

    • Added support for Apple devices with multiple GPUs, expanding device compatibility and diagnostics accuracy.

  • Offline Usage Improvements:

    • Enhanced the detection of invalid or non-Securaze USB sticks post-erasure, reinforcing data security and compliance.

Bug Fixes

  • Offline Usage Fixes:

    • Resolved reporting issues encountered during offline use.

    • Expanded the erasure method list for greater detail and accuracy in reporting.

    • Adjusted the report generation to show the correct and full erasure method name, providing clearer and more informative reports.

    • Improved filename of offline PDF, JSON and XML files to be compatible also with FAT32 storages.

  • SKU Building:

    • Fixed representation of tag “RAM” in SKU

Known Issues

  • None

Work 5.0.5 (Release Date: 30. 01. 24)


Securaze Work Ops 5. introduces a range of enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving overall functionality and user experience. This major update includes significant advancements in diagnostics, device compatibility, and system stability.


  • SKU Entry and Generation: Work can now generate SKUs directly during device processing, improving operational efficiency.

  • SKU Pattern Definition and Import in Dashboard: Define SKU patterns or import static SKU mappings in the Securaze Dashboard. These patterns can then be utilized in Work for automatic SKU generation, with the option to edit them as needed during device processing.

  • Regional support: Expanded regional support including updated "Did you know" messages for the APAC region.

  • IEEE2883-2022: Support IEEE2883-2022 Purge and Clear erasure algorithm

  • Integrated HexViewer: View the storage content with the integrated HexViewer

Operational Improvements:

  • Date setting: Refined date setting functionality under slow network conditions for improved reliability.

  • Offline reports: Unified naming convention across report file types for consistency and ease of management for offline erasure.

  • Version info: Display of version information on the user interface for immediate reference.

  • Default typical problems per user: Users are able to specify default typical problems in Dashboard My-Profile / Your Settings / Typical problems. The specified typical problems will be default added to all processed device.

Bug Fixes

  • Logistics Filtering: Resolved issues with displaying Finished Orders/Finished Sales Lots; these entries will no longer be visible.

  • Sidebar: Addressed a problem with sidebar selection for smoother navigation within the software.

  • Wi-Fi : Fixed Wi-Fi reconnection issues and added NTP as a fallback mechanism for time synchronization.

  • Auto-login: Corrected auto-login and Wi-Fi auto-join functionalities to streamline user access.

  • MDM checks: Enhanced MDM checks with additional file-based ConfigurationProfiles support. (macOS)

Known Issues

  • No known