Securaze Mobile 5.xx


Mobile 5.1.49 (Release Date: 19. 04. 2024)


  • iOS Jailbreak Detection:
    We have expanded our detection capabilities to cover a broader range of jailbreaks. This enhancement ensures that our security measures are up-to-date with the latest jailbreaking methods.

Diagnostics Improvements:

  • Diagnose Case Preselections:
    Now, our diagnose preselections can support different diagnose case parameter values. This update introduces flexibility in testing parameters for cases such as "Live Call" and "Battery discharge". This feature is particularly useful when processing different categories of devices, allowing for a tailored diagnostic approach. For example, a brand-new device may go through a shorter diagnostic routine than a refurbished one.

  • Enhanced iOS Battery Analysis:
    The iOS battery analysis functionality has been improved to support over-the-air updates in case of changes implemented by Apple. This ensures that our battery health analysis stays accurate with the latest iOS modifications.

Known Issues

  • None

Mobile 5.1.12 (Release Date: 06. 03. 2024)


  • iOS Support: Improved support for iOS 17.4, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation.

  • Android Storage Analysis: Improved the storage size reading and now aborts analysis if storage size is ZERO, optimizing the diagnose process for devices with storage issues.

  • Android MDM Detection: Enhanced MDM detection for Android 8 devices to provide more accurate device management capabilities.

Diagnostics Improvements:

  • Report Customization: Now shows only selected diagnose cases on reports. This feature can be enabled in account settings under Report customization > Report data > Edit report data, ensuring that only relevant diagnose cases are included in reports.

  • Button Test Flexibility: Added "not available" as a response during the Button test to avoid being stuck in the diagnose process.

  • Battery Test Update: Aborting the battery discharge test now ends in an "aborted" result, avoiding inaccurate diagnose failure statuses.

  • Proximity Test Improvement: Improved the Proximity test to accurately detect if it's available, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

  • Microphone Diagnose Abort: Added the possibility to abort Microphone diagnose.

UI Improvements

  • Options Menu Enhancements: Made improvements in the Options menu for better usability and navigation.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Added keyboard shortcuts for increased efficiency. Users can now open Settings with F9, open the Help menu with Ctrl-H, and select/deselect all devices with Ctrl-A.

Known Issues

  • Enhanced Battery Analysis not working

Mobile 5.0.76 (Release Date: 03. 02. 2024)


  • iOS Device Support: Expanded the Apple device database to include support for over 50 new devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compatibility.

  • iOS Advanced Erasure and Diagnose: Implemented a mandatory update in response to an Apple certificate change. This update is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service and compatibility with iOS devices.

  • Android Device Handling: Enhanced the system's handling of Android devices to prevent issues with duplicate device registrations, streamlining the process and improving overall efficiency.

Known Issues

  • None

Mobile Ops 5.0.70 (Release Date: 30. 01. 2024)


This update focuses on enhancing functionality, particularly in diagnostics and device compatibility, alongside crucial bug fixes..


  • iOS Baseband Functionality: Enhanced handling of slow-responding phone modems, improving overall iOS baseband functionality.

  • Android 64 Bit Applications: Transitioned to using 64-bit mobile applications for Android, eliminating compatibility messages during Diagnose and Advanced Erasure.

  • iOS Advanced Erasure Enhancements: Further improvements to the iOS Advanced Erasure process for better performance and reliability.

  • Copy to Clipboard in Detailed View: Implemented missing copy to clipboard functionality for the detailed view, enhancing user interaction and data handling.

  • Diagnose Process Optimizations:

    • Global Abort in Proximity Diagnose: The global abort option will now be hidden while the Proximity diagnose case is active.

    • Microphone Diagnose: Allow aborting of microphone diagnose case.

    • Battery Drain 'Percentage' Mode: Enhanced the Battery Drain case in 'Percentage' mode to abort the process once the minimum time is reached.

    • Microphone Permissions Check: Prior to starting diagnose, microphone permissions are now checked. A warning will be displayed and the diagnose aborted if necessary permissions are not granted.

Bug Fixes

  • IMEI with Android 12 and Later: Addressed the issue of IMEI values not being available in devices like Pixel 7 running Android 12 and later.

  • Settings Menu Text: Updated the Station ID text in the Settings menu to include a placeholder for clarity.

  • Text Display in Settings: Resolved the issue of cut-off text in various settings sections.

  • Android Samsung Non-ADB mode: Addressed the issue that Android Samsung Non-ADB mode is not functional and failing during analyze of the device.

Known Issues

  • None

Mobile Ops 5.0.39 (Release Date: 10.01.2024)


Securaze Mobile Ops 5.0.0 introduces a range of enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving overall functionality and user experience. This major update includes significant advancements in diagnostics, device compatibility, and system stability.


Diagnostics Improvements:

  • Expert Diagnose Mode: A new mode that reduces the waiting time for user inputs, enhancing diagnostic efficiency (General / Expert Diagnose Mode).

  • New Diagnose Cases: Introducing FaceID Quick and TouchID Quick, utilizing sensor-based data. If FaceID Quick / TouchID Quick successfully passes and the regular FaceID / TouchID is also selected, the regular tests will be marked as passed, streamlining the diagnostic process.

  • Automatic Finish and Upload: Automatically concludes diagnostics and uploads results from the device (Processing / Automatic Finish Diagnose and Upload).

  • Recover Diagnose Results: Ability to retrieve diagnostic results from the Device App when switching stations or restarting the Mobile client.

  • Enhanced iOS Battery Analysis for iOS: New option for in-depth analysis of replacement batteries (Processing / Enhanced iOS Battery Analysis).

  • Auto-Start Application for iOS: Choose between manual or automatic app start for iOS devices (up to iOS 16).

Operational Improvements:

  • OEM Parts Handling: Enhanced view with color differentiation between factory and current parts, plus alerts for any discrepancies.

  • Locked Device Warning: Alerts for operators when locked devices are detected.

  • Battery Information Enhancements: Added detection for battery serial numbers and vendors.

Bug Fixes

  • Logistics Filtering: Resolved issues with displaying Finished Orders/Finished Sales Lots; these entries will no longer be visible.

  • Crash Issues: Addressed various crash scenarios, including those involving Samsung devices.

  • iPhone 15 OEM Parts Detection: Corrected an issue where iPhone 15 parts were incorrectly marked as modified.

  • Detailed View: Enhanced layout of the detailed view and added QR code. (General / UI Card View / Detailed)

  • Label Printing: Fixed an issue with double printing of the same label.

  • iOS 17.2 Handling: Improved behavior for "iPhone Partially Set Up" message on iOS 17.2 and later.

Known Issues

  • Samsung Non-ADB mode is not functional.

We're looking forward to the release of Mobile Ops 5.0.0 and appreciate your continued support and feedback, essential in enhancing our services.