Samsung Non-ADB Communication unavailable for Android 13 and newer versions

With the introduction of Android 13, Samsung has disabled the functionality previously used for 'Samsung Non-ADB Communication'. To handle devices running Android 13 and newer versions, utilize the new QR Code ADB-Bypass method instead. This mode is compatible with all Android devices, including non-Samsung models.


  1. First, deactivate 'Samsung Non-ADB Communication' within the MobileOps Application. Keep in mind that this toggle cannot be enabled when using the QR code to bypass the setup process. The toggle for this setting is located in the 'Options and Settings' icon at the bottom left-hand corner of MobileOps under 'Processing'.

  2. After turning off the ADB communication toggle, select the QR icon located next to 'All' at the bottom of the page. Upon selecting the QR code icon, the operator can choose 'View Steps'. This option is available at every station, enabling operators to familiarize themselves with the process.

  3. When the operator has completed either watching the animation or reading the steps for this process, they should close the steps and open the camera on the device to scan the QR code displayed on the UI of the station. After the operator has allowed USB Debugging, they can connect the devices to the station and proceed with the process.