Limited erasure functionality for mobile devices

Sometimes only limited wipe functionality is available for certain devices and conditions, so erasure will automatically fallback to Data Clear, even when Smart or Advanced erasure was selected.

In the following scenarios the erasure will automatically fallback to Data Clear:

  1. Erasure of Apple Silicon devices
    Apple Silicon devices are detected in Securaze Mobile only if they are in DFU mode. DFU mode allows only Data Clear erasure.

  2. Enabled "Samsung device communication" mode without USB Debugging enabled
    If the "Samsung device communication mode" in the menu Options & Setting (Processing) is enabled, the erasure will always fallback to Data Clear.

  3. iOS device has an FMiP lock
    In this case, Advanced erasure will fail, and only Data Clear is possible. Data Clear will NOT remove the FMiP lock.

Securaze Mobile will display a warning before erasure starts to inform the operator about the solution change.