Securaze Remote issue on Lenovo device running Windows 11 OS

If you’ve encountered a black screen after restarting your Lenovo device, with the following message:
Boot Manager recover from critical error. Some essential variables are absent or corrupted and Boot Manager has restored them from default configuration.

Press Esc to continue or F1 to enter Setup.

here is how to overcome the issue and proceed with the erasure of the device.


  1. If in your BIOS Settings the Secure Boot is Disabled, you can quickly proceed by simply pressing Esc and the erasure process will continue normally.

  2. If in your BIOS Settings the Secure Boot is Enabled, you will have to press F1, enter the BIOS settings, go to Security tab and change your Secure Boot settings to Disabled and then save the settings by pressing F10.

After that, you will be able to proceed with processing your device with Securaze Remote.


If you have enabled Secure Boot during the installation of Windows 11 as default, this error might occur on some older Lenovo devices, that have an outdated BIOS, like the 450-x series, that have no proper Windows 11 support. For smooth running of Securaze Remote, it is recommended that in these cases the Security Chip Selection is set to Intel PTT and Secure Boot is disabled.