Chromebook erasure: How to generate Raspberry Pi image

How to generate the Raspberry Pi (RPi) image for Chromebook erasure with Raspberry Pi stock utilities.


  1. Download official RPi imager and browse for our custom image from Raspberry Download page.



  2. Use Raspberry Pi imager (RPi imager) to generate the SD card. Browse in RPi imager for our custom Securaze Raspberry Pi image.


  3. Select "Use custom"


  4. Select as target the SD card where the Custom Securaze RPi image should be put on.


  5. Change configuration for the particular RPi. After the previous process is finished, press "Choose storage" and look up the boot partition on the SD card (“Choose storage” opens a new explorer).


  6. Find the boot partition.

  7. Find "defaultWifi.conf" on the SD card.


  8. Edit the Wi-Fi settings with Notepad or any other similar Text-Editor (not Word or any other full grown Word-Processor).

  9. Enter the Wi-Fi SSID and password after the equal signs.

  10. Boot the Raspberry PI with Securaze custom image.

  11. Place the SD Card in the RPi and boot it. Please ensure that the Securaze "Network Zone" is configured in Securaze Dashboard correct. After a few moments it will show up in Securaze Dashboard / Settings / Installed software  /  Work dongle.

  12. Update settings: rename the Work Dongle to a meaningful name, so it can be differentiated later during operations.

  1. Change the name of the Work Dongle


  2. Select in the Setting - Presets the logistics (Order, Lot, Sale lot) you want to use for the erasure

  3. Update the presets with your settings, connect Chromebook with root console, then hit Erase.