.dmg file not visible in Securaze Creator?

The macOS .dmg file you downloaded on your Mac Intel machine to burn on USB drive is not shown when you browse for it within Securaze Creator Mac Intel?

You have followed the steps in the user manual for creating a bootable USB drive containing Work macOS Catalina / Mojave image in .dmg format, installed the Securaze Creator Mac Intel, run it from the Applications folder, but are not seeing the Securaze Work image in you Downloads folder. What is happening?

The answer is very simple:

You run your Securaze Creator as an Admin, from the Applications folder (required), and thus when you click on SELECT MACOS IMAGE button, you will be taken to Admin-Downloads folder on your Apple device, whereas the .dmg file could be downloaded to a User-Downloads folder.
If you just navigate to this Admin-Downloads folder instead, you will have no trouble seeing your .dmg file.