"Shredded Disk" Alert Explanation

Why does the "Shredded Disk" alert appear?

The "Shredded Disk" alert can appear for a variety of reasons, some of which are intentional to ensure the user is aware of significant changes, while others may be accidental or related to updates in the Securaze Work software.

Valid Reasons:

  • The alert may be triggered intentionally if the system detects a reduction in the number of storage devices across multiple boot sequences. This serves as a precaution, prompting the user to confirm if a storage device was intentionally removed and destroyed.

Invalid Reasons:

  1. Incorrect USB Stick Configuration: Utilizing a Securaze Work USB stick that was not properly configured (e.g., incorrect labeling) can cause the system to erroneously add the USB stick to its storage inventory. If the system is subsequently booted without this USB stick, the "Shredded Disk" alert may be triggered as a warning.

  2. Version Compatibility Issues: If a device was initially registered with an older version of Securaze Work and is later used with a newer version that includes changes to the unique ID generation for storage devices, the "Shredded Disk" alert may appear. This is especially relevant for upgrades to significant new versions, such as the transition to Work 5.1.15 for macOS, which aligned the unique ID standards with those of the Linux version. In these instances, simply confirm the prompt by selecting "yes" to re-register the storage with the new unique ID. This process is essential for maintaining functionality and incorporating new features, though we strive to minimize such disruptions.


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