How do I wipe loose drives?

If you are looking to securely erase single disk-drives (loose drives) in jbod mode that allows you to hot-swap the disks in shelves, here are the steps on how to approach the task.

The difference to the standard processing using Securaze Work is that you need a server machine, attached to your disk racks (shelves), to behave as erase machine.

This is achieved through changing the machine setting to “dedicated erase machine” mode. As soon as you boot Securaze Work on the machine you wish to use for this purpose, make sure the check the checkbox in Settings (F9) panel for “Dedicated erase machine mode”. This is only possible BEFORE login.

Once the setting is enabled, you may proceed with login. The machine will now act as a wiping server and will allow each disk that is recognized to be registered as a standalone asset. You will be able to find them among “Single Disk-Drives” in Assets in the Dashboard.

Make sure that the server you are using has only one RAID controller, and whether it is natively supported, or requires you to manually put it in IT/HBA mode. The full list of supported server controllers is found here.